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Magical Natural Seam Opal Pendant In 9ct gold

  • Add a touch of magic to your jewellery collection with this spellbinding magical natural opal pendant!

    Crafted in 9ct gold, this pendant features a natural opal with gorgeous flashes of colour, creating a dreamy play of colour ; that is the optical effect prized for with the opal gemstone.

    The cabochon has been set in a custom frame with neat claws clutching the gem front and centre, allowing the opal to take center stage and catch the light from every angle.

    This unique and enchanting piece is the perfect addition to any antique jewellery collection and is sure to be a conversation starter whenever you wear it.

    Whether you're a collector or just love the allure of antique jewellery, this opal pendant is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty and magic of natural gemstones.

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