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Opulent Antique 18ct Gold Garnet & 0.4ct Old Cut Diamond Navette Ring

  • A dazzler of a ring, we are head over heels for this diamond encrusted ring!

    The ring has been crafted in a navette style shape to the crown, with a distinct 'kite' or 'lozenge' shaped form. Set across the front of the crown are an array of twinkling old cut diamond gemstones. The gemstones are classically chunky with assymetrical facets lending a cobblestone appearance to this dreamy ring. 

    Nestled in the centre of this glitz and sparkle sits a smooth deep red garnet gemstone with prescence, making this ring unusual and eye catching . While we have had diamond marquise pieces in and other lozenge shaped navettes, the garnet in the centre of this gem makes it truly unique and unexpected. 

    A perfect engagement ring, or ring for anybody that can appreciate the charm and hand cut nature of old cut diamond gemstones. 

    *Sizeable *

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